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Anti Theft Application for Android Based Devices


This paper presents a technique to improve anti-theft for android based mobile phones by using different services like MMS instead of SMS. As the use of smartphones, tablets, phablets based on android operating system is increasing, many scenarios related with anti-theft have already been proposed and many software based on anti-theft have also been developed, but most of these software are not freely available and it's difficult to identify the thief by using these software's e.g. GPS Tracking. We put forward a new scheme, which enhances the present scenario, based on new technologies like Multimedia Messages. The scenario proposed in this work is totally dependent on the hardware of your smartphone like camera (front & back) and support for multimedia messages. Once this software is installed, it will work in the background, stores the current SIM number in a variable and keeps checking continuously for SIM change, whenever SIM gets changed from mobile, it will take snapshots and record a video in the background i.e., without taking user permission and then it will send an MMS, and number of snap shots, to an alternate mobile number and an email id, which was provided during installation. The enviable advantage of this software is that it is very easy to configure and it keeps running in the background without interrupting the user. To some extent it helps the owner to identify the thief.

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Anti Theft Application for Android Based Devices

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